Our self defense classes have been given 5 Star ratings by many different students, from total beginners, to Black Belts in other martial arts.  Read on more to find out:

☑Why choose Choi Kwang Do for your self defense class?

☑How will the classes teach you self defense in a Safe way?

☑Why we train for self defense and NOT for competitions.

Why Choi Kwang Do for self defense?

If you’re looking for Self Defense, then you’re looking for a way to make sure others cannot hurt you?  There are so many different martial arts and self defense systems out there, such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Krav Maga and many more.  It can get confusing and some can leave you hurt and injured.  So why not try a self defense system that’s specifically designed to teach you practical self defense skills without you having to get hurt to do so?  There is a badge of honour in a lot of self defense systems that puts a lot of emphasis on making you test your skills against one or multiple opponents in a controlled fight.  This results in you getting hit, hurt and having the no pain no gain mentality towards self defense.  There is a better, safer way to train for self defense for those who don’t like the idea of getting hit over and over, which after all is a big reason most people join a self defense program.

How do we do it?

There are a few simple methods we use to ensure you learn to defend yourself quickly without getting hurt in class. They are:

We keep things simple.

Your techniques are very easy to learn, and even complete beginners find that they can use the blocks, punches and kicks, quickly and effectively.  We have one main way for you to stand (other martial arts systems can have many different ways), which allows you to move freely, and transfer your entire body weight into punches and kicks making them shockingly powerful, with little effort.

We also teach different drills for escaping from people who have managed to grab a hold of you, drills for people attacking you with weapons such as bats and knifes and how to get people off of you if you happen to slip or get knocked to the floor.  These are kept as simple as possible which makes them far easier for you to remember when you are under pressure and your adrenaline is making your brain close down.

You work WITH your training partner not against them.

By getting rid of the need to fight your training partner in a competitive way you can learn to defend yourself safely, with your partner helping push and motivate, without losing that important learning tool of having someone throw different attacks at you.  Our approach helps you build up your reactions in a safe way, letting what you learn sink into your subconscious memory over time so you will defend yourself safely should you ever be unfortunate to get attacked.  Our way of training also takes the ego out of learning self defense, where you don’t have someone trying to one up you and hurt you to win a fight.

Self Defense Drils
Safe Self Defense Drills

Choi Kwang Do punches and kicks are SIMPLE but POWERFUL.

Unlike many traditional self defense systems, Choi Kwang Do has been designed in an age of science, using up to date information on the human body to make sure that how you punch and kick delivers the maximum amount of force possible, while being safer on your joints and body.

Also many of your punches and hand strikes will use 80% or more of the same movement technique to generate the power so that each technique is fairly easy to pick up and use quickly and effectively.

Why is it important for your punches and kicks to be powerful in a self defense situation?  Well the harder you can hit back, the more chance you have of knocking out, or scaring off your attacker.  Also, if you have a small build, or your children are attacked then there is a limit on just how hard they can hit.  With Choi Kwang Do techniques they will be able to defend themselves MUCH harder than in a lot of other self defense systems, increasing the chance that you or your child will get out of the situation safely.


Great Workout
Keeping Fit Punching Hard

We train for self defense - Not for sport.

Many of the traditional martial arts such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, as well as more modern martial arts such as MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and Kickboxing are tailored for sports competition fighting.  While they might teach you how to win a fight in a controlled sports situation, some of the methods they will teach you are not sensible for using in a self defense situation.  How you train will condition how you respond should someone attacks you in the street.  If you train to make light contact punches and kicks to score points, you will be more likely to punch and kick lightly if you need to defend yourself.  On the opposite side, with cagefighting and MMA a lot of what you are taught will be to either take your opponent down to the floor and try for a lock on a limb.  While this is impressive to watch, the last place you want to be in a real fight is on the floor, especially if the person you are fighting has friends around.  Similarly, if you try and put your attacker in a joint lock you will be taking your own limbs out of use to help you defend against any friends that might want to join in.  Joint locks are also only useful if the person attacking you is a similar size and strength.  If they are a lot bigger they can power through locks and holds.

With Choi Kwang Do you practice with what works.  You train how to block, move, stay on your feet and if knocked down, how to get back up safely.  You wont be taught any locks, but you will be taught to quickly and effectivley defend yourself, hit back fast and hard to stun your opponent and then get out of the situation.  You will also learn effective ways of getting out of grabs and holds that will work against people the same size as you and also much bigger.  You will round off your self defense skills with simple, easy to learn defenses against edged weapons such as knives and smashed bottles, and defenses against blunt weapons such as bats, sticks and so on.

So if you are interested in learning Choi Kwang Do, why not take advantage of our 2 weeks FREE lesson trial at any of our current locations.  Please note however that our class sizes are limited so that we can teach you safely and give you and other students the attention and quality tuition you deserve, so this is on a first come first served basis. 

To book your FREE lessons please either fill in the Free Lesson Form, stating what class and days you are interested in, or call our Master Instructor, Dale Miller on 07738 259 153.



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